Denver Street's HopeA reality for many of the women we serve at Street’s Hope is that they are ashamed of their past, and are discriminated by society for being trafficked into sex work, even though they are not to blame. Due to the stigma surrounding their past, survivors rarely share their story verbally. Art therapy allows survivors to express their feelings and stories in a non-invasive way, within a community of women who understand – because they’ve been there, too.

Last summer, with the help of our donors, Street’s Hope successfully launched our art therapy program. Piloted by Mara Holloway, art therapy intern, the program consists of individual trauma therapy, group art therapy, and open studio. Clients are encouraged to rediscover and redefine themselves through the use of art materials. They are given the power of choice, self-advocacy, and mastery, ultimately leading to a newfound sense of respect and worthiness.

Mara Holloway MA Clinical Art Therapy Intern

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