Human trafficking is a serious social justice issue, thank you for caring

Without all of you who are taking the time to read this, and taking the steps to support us, Street’s Hope couldn’t have been part of the anti-trafficking movement since 2004. To learn about how we are actively engaged in having more impact, read on!

2017 was a year of transition and self-reflection for Street’s Hope. To make sure that we stay true to our evidence-based model, we challenge ourselves to learn, at every opportunity.

  • We continually look at our data, our impact on the community, the population we serve, and the best practices for working with trauma, poverty, and the systemic inequalities that impact trafficking survivors . We affirm and reaffirm our strategic goals to find more ways to serve more women.
  • We engage current and former clients, as well as other trafficking survivors, in serious discussions about their needs and hopes.
  • We look at curriculum designed for survivors, and adjust our curriculum to reflect these best practices, where necessary.
  • We have evaluated our standards and curriculum against the Colorado Human Trafficking Council standards for service providers, and are right on target with those promulgated by CHTC, and we have studied the results of the 2017 National Practices Survey of service providers to trafficking victims, to learn from others like us.

Watch us this year as we shift parts of our program in order to better assist women in getting back on their feet, and getting back into the community, in ways that are productive and meaningful to them.  Most critically, we are shortening the length of our program because we have found that women are more successful in a shorter time frame.

  1. Watch us this year as we focus on empowering life for survivors after the program through our new life skills curriculum, job training, and education.
  2. Watch to see us actively connect with new community partners to develop housing and work opportunities.
  3. Watch our street outreach effort continue and expand. We hope to offer more expanded services to street-involved women this year.
  4. Finally, we are hopeful that this will be the year that you will see us partner with law enforcement to offer a short term crisis shelter to assist trafficked women in emergency situations.

Watch us in 2018, and see for yourself how we are growing to serve more women.

I would love to answer any of your questions or share more about what we have learned, coming up on our 15th year of operation in the community, just give me, Caroline, a call at 303-433-2712.