Hello Supporter of Street’s Hope/Voluntad!

Thank you for your interest in getting to know more about Street’s Hope/Voluntad and how you can help. We appreciate your patience with us as we have had to pivot our volunteer process and opportunities due to the pandemic. In order for all of us to be safe, we are offering virtual ways you can be involved and support our organization.

We are excited to introduce our new Street’s Hope/Voluntad Ambassador Program. We are giving you voluntad* to empower your community to support human trafficking survivors. We have created an ambassador tool kit with different ways you can make a difference for survivors in your community.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador of Street’s Hope/Voluntad, please email Kaylee at for more information and the tool kit.

Denver Street's Hope

*You may notice that Street’s Hope has added “Voluntad” and “Voluntad as a project of Street’s Hope” to our website, social media, and donating platforms. We have incorporated Voluntad because of what Voluntad means and how it connects to how we empower survivors (and the community). Voluntad means the ability to choose the direction of your own life, with freedom and dignity. We hold this value very highly in our organization.