Denver Street's HopeBlog by Judy Henson: Advisory Council Member “Transformation at Street’s Hope”

When I started serving on the board with Street’s Hope the residence had just been permitted, finances were tenuous and a program model had yet to be defined. Those involved believed in the concept of a viable program that would help women in ‘the life’ transform and recover from their past, but the infrastructure to turn concept into reality was not fully on board. There were 3 key questions to be answered to turn that concept into reality:

• Who are our clients?
• What are their needs?
• How will our program meet those needs?

In just a few short years that concept has fully become reality as we have been able to form valid answers to these key questions. While we recognize that the development of programming will always continue as we learn and grow, there are now staff on board who are both qualified and expert in dealing with this unique population. Our finances have shored to the point that we are now able to conceive of a multi-year plan that includes growing the program to meet the need in our community, not just surviving a year at a time. From a development point of view the program has been blessed with both vision and resources such that this rapid acceleration of concept to reality has been possible. Street’s Hope is now recognized in the community as a credible and valuable resource. A shining light in the darkness of human trafficking that plagues our community and the global community in our time.

I have had the unique opportunity to see this transformation of the organization as well as transformation in the lives of our clients. From my experience on the board I have viewed our clients from the outside looking in; because of the involvement of my husband (Dr. Dave as he was known in the house) I came to understand who these special women are from the inside looking out. These experiences have shaped a philosophy that Street’s Hope serves a very unique and very challenging population; but with this great challenge also comes unique opportunity for great reward and blessing.

I personally thank Street’s Hope for the opportunity to serve. I have been blessed beyond measure during this time and have had passion ignited that I believe will last a lifetime. It is now impossible to ignore the need and walk away from this special population. I look forward to volunteering in a different capacity with Street’s Hope. I can’t wait to see what the program looks like five years from now as we continue to try and aspire to bring God’s vision for the organization to life.

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