Street’s Hope Needs Lists

Fall 2019 Needs List

By purchasing and donating items for our Street Outreach Needs List, your support allows us to support people in need. Thank you for all you do. We appreciate your generosity! YOU are making a difference in Denver. The list is in order by priority

  • Travel size men’s and women’s deodorant
  • Travel size and full size men’s and women’s shampoo and conditioner
  • Travel size liquid body soap
  • Snacks (individually wrapped) cheese and crackers, fruit snacks, breakfast bars, apple sauce, etc.
  • Men’s underwear/boxers
  • New packs of women’s underwear (small and medium)
  • White v-neck T-shirts
  • Unisex socks
  • New Bras & Sports Bras (all sizes)
  • New washcloths
  • Pepper spray
  • Sanitary wipes (travel size packs)
  • Gift cards for King Soopers, Walmart, Target, Lyft
  • Cloth reusable bags
  • Mini fridge

An easy way to donate items is through Amazon Smile. You can purchase items on our Amazon wish list list and they will be sent directly to us. Click *Street’s Hope’s Wish List* to view the list.

We are not accepting clothing other than what is listed above. We recommend any clothing donations to be given to The Gathering Place.