Written by Becky Plunkett

What brings you together at the holidays? What connects you to your loved ones, to strangers, to your community? For my family, the answer is simple: food. Food not only sustains us; it is a common point of connection. It brings the humanness of all of us to the forefront and allows us to live. But what if you didn’t know where your next meal was coming from? Or how your child will eat tomorrow?

Many of the people Street’s Hope serves wonder this each day. And many engage in survival sex so that they can live another day and provide for themselves, family, and friends. That’s where you – through Street’s Hope – come in. Supporters provide nourishing food to outreach clients.

These meals not only meet physical needs, they break down barriers. Food starts conversations with people who are sexually exploited, trafficked, and marginalized.

We want to see these people THRIVING. Through meals, Street’s Hope is able to meet a person where they are, ask questions, learn their story, and link them to resources in the community. Street’s Hope provides a point of contact for people who are trafficked – a contact who cares deeply, wants the best for them, and will be there on their journey toward a better life. Clients tell us they feel listened to, connected with, and seen.

We know that when people are nourished—in body and soul—their potential is endless. This is possible all because of a meal, all because someone like you cares and helps.

When you gather over the holidays, I encourage you to think of the people Street’s Hope serves. Share their collective story with your loved ones.