Call to Action! Labor Trafficking Letter

Help us get the message out about the human trafficking happening in our backyard, as well as action steps our elected representatives can take to help victims. Our goal is to collect 500 signed letters before the start of the next legislative session in January. Once we collected all the letters we will march to the capitol and demand action!

To participate, fill out the letter below and we will make sure your legislator reads it. To find who your legislator is click this link ( and put in your address. You can submit two letters for your House Representative and Senate, just put in their name where it says “Dear” and your information at the bottom. We ensure that your information will be secure. You can submit up to 4 letters (one for your House Representative and one for you Senate for each letter: Human Trafficking and Labor Trafficking). If you have any questions contact us at 720-420-9951 or by emailing Kaylee at

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  • I am a resident of your district. Today, I am writing to inform you of a serious problem in our state, and your district, and propose some things you can do to help. While all forms of human trafficking take away a person’s dignaty and right to chose, locally, we can have the biggest impact on labor trafficking. In 2017, Rocky Mountain Innocence Lost Task Force (FBI - RMILTF), Colorado Trafficking and Organized Crime Coalition (FBI - CTOCC), and Homeland Security (HSI) all reported an increase from 2015 to 2017 in their human trafficking investigations. This issue directly impacts me, and all of us in our Colorado backyard, as many of the products I buy or services used have been produced through some form of labor trafficking. For example, many crops here in Colorado are farmed with labor practices that involve human trafficking, hotels are staffed by those employed by unfair labor practices, and much of the travel industry that supports a lot of human trafficking is plagued human trafficking by one way or another. There are a few key ways you can make an impact to help those who have been trafficked:
    • Consider sponsoring legislation that puts money into the hands of service providers. Working with those who have been exploited through human trafficking is a specialized skill set. While much funding has been used to promote awareness, we need to do a better job in providing access to care through specialized organizations. This can only be done with proper funding.
    • Call Street’s Hope to provide expertise. As a leader in working with victims and survivors of human trafficking, they know what people and organizations need to make an impact on this horrendous crime, happening in our Denver backyard. They can be reached at or 720-420-9951.
    I would appreciate a reply to hear you stance on supporting legislation to fund service providers to help some of the most vulnerable in our community.