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Our Philosophy

We meet you where you are... We see you and we hear you!


We believe in voluntad.

Voluntad is the ability to choose the direction of your own life, with freedom and dignity.  In order to help you make the changes you want to make, and find the safety you need, we provide the support and resources you need.  We are the resource experts, but only YOU can be the expert of you.


Our program is designed for any person who has experienced exploitation associated with human trafficking.

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Our Services

Street’s Hope provides different categories of services, all designed to support and empower people who have experienced exploitation through human trafficking (labor or sex,) and to educate and empower our community.
We understand all the ways being trafficked can tear apart a life – homelessness and lack of housing, unemployment, mental health concerns and substance use impact most survivors at one time or another.  You aren’t alone. Whether you are in crisis and need safety planning, or need help accessing resources, we are here. We have groups to help people learn how to manage all the stresses you might be under. We have individual counseling services, or can help you find the mental health services you need.
We also want to educate our community and raise awareness and compassion about human trafficking. Call us for a training, or to attend an event to talk about this problem. We are here for our community too. 


Crisis Intervention

Street Outreach

On-Site & Community Programs

Education & Awareness

About Us

Street’s Hope provides survivor informed, evidence based services designed to support and empower victims of all forms of human trafficking.


We meet each person on their unique journey, encouraging safety and working with our clients to prevent further trauma. We are client centered, and recognize that every person has the right to make choices about their own lives. We respect their autonomy and right to self-determination, and encourage all of our clients in their work toward defining what a healthy, meaningful life looks like for them.

Street’s Hope recognizes the personal and societal vulnerabilities that are exploited by human traffickers. These include political and economic conditions, legal status, race, gender, sexual orientation and more. For that reason, we are proud to serve all people who are impacted by this human rights issue. Street’s Hope acknowledges the complex web of human and societal factors that affect human trafficking victims. We envision a world where all people can make choices about their own lives, with freedom and dignity.

Street’s Hope was established in 2004 and has operated continuously since that time.

Our Blog

Stay in touch with us and keep up to date on our progress and current anti-trafficking actions across the nation.

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Street’s Hope envisions a world where all people can choose the trajectory of their own lives free from exploitation.