I woke up this morning, inspired. Inspired by the many people who attended our event at Jagged Mountain Brewery on Monday (thanks, Jagged Mountain, for your generosity!), by their support of and enthusiasm for Street’s Hope, and by the mission of this wonderful organization. I am reminded that Street’s Hope touches various facets of our community: women we serve who are escaping sex trafficking or the commercial sex industry; our friends, family, colleagues and neighbors; the hundreds of interns, volunteers and staff that serve Street’s Hope each year; our various community and church partners; and our strong circle of donors who help make life transformation a reality. I am honored to be part of such a vibrant organization as the newly elected Board Chair.

While inspired, it also struck me that our community needs to progress in its understanding of the issue and the need for organizations like Street’s Hope. At the event, I spoke with a woman who was invited by a friend and didn’t know much about Street’s Hope and the women we serve. In sharing about our program, one that empowers women escaping sex trafficking and the commercial sex industry to heal, transform, and thrive, I was encouraged by her interest, desire to learn more and passion to act. Together, we can create great change in our community, through Street’s Hope. This conversation caused me to want to share more about our issue with you!

At Street’s Hope, we envision a world void of sex trafficking, but unfortunately, there’s a long road ahead. Denver is a regional hub for sex trafficking. The city has major transportation routes (freeways, airport) and attracts conferences, conventions and large-scale events. Research shows us that women are trafficked to the city to serve the clientele of such gatherings. Additionally, Denver and the surrounding communities have a large population of sex workers who live in the city and we know that, at some point, the majority of women are coerced and forced into the sex industry against their will. Street’s Hope addresses this issue through research, conducting outreach to meet and help women and participating in numerous committees and task forces surrounding human trafficking. Because of this, Street’s Hope understands how to meet a woman where she’s at and come alongside her to empower her to heal, transform and thrive.

I regularly hear stories about the journeys of the women we have the honor to serve. Ladies in our residential program are healing from their trauma and addictions, advocating for themselves and others, maintaining jobs, seeking education and reconnecting with their loved ones. This is not possible without you, our faithful friends and supporters. As Street’s Hope staff, interns and volunteers wrap around the women to provide them the best services including treatment groups, case management and meeting basic needs (food, shelter, health, etc.) we, as a community, need to wrap around Street’s Hope. Please consider doing so by learning more about Street’s Hope and making a gift today.

PS. For a visual representation of Street’s Hope’s work and outcomes, click here and to make your donation to this transforming organization, click here.