The Campaign to End Modern Day Slavery

A Night to Join the Cause

We are excited to announce that Street’s Hope will be hosting our 6th annual fundraiser on November 9, 2017 from 6-9 pm at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

An elegant night of cocktails, appetizers, relevant art and music that will provoke and inspire you to join the cause.

At the fundraiser, End Modern Day Slavery: A Night to Join the Cause, we will launch a community-wide campaign to combat sex trafficking, and will honor those in our community who have fought on the front lines.

We hope that you will join us in support of this critical work.

Special Guest Speaker

Suamhirs Piraino-Guzman

Suamhirs grew up in Honduras where he was exposed to extreme violence at the hands of his father. When he was 15 1/2, he was kidnapped and brought to America where he was trafficked and sold. When he was finally rescued from his abductors, he was further traumatized for several years, in a system that was designed to “help” him.

He was reappointed by President Trump to the US Advisory Council on Human Trafficking,, after his initial appointment by President Obama. He is currently working on anti-trafficking initiatives in Cuba and Myanmar, the needs here are not so different from the needs he sees in Myanmar, which is staggering to consider.

You won’t want to miss hearing about his incredible journey!

Rock Flamenco – A Unique Acoustic Guitar Performance

Music by El Javi

El Javi, out of Mexico City, joins the spirit of flamenco with the heart of rock producing the unparalleled experience of Rock Flamenco. Through his distinct sound, he paints an auditory portrait composed of strength and intimacy, reflecting his experiential existence as both human and artist. Collaborations color his compositions as he endlessly evolves his music, warranting his title. The King of Rock Flamenco.

Sorry, the event has sold out!

However, the Campaign to End Modern Day Slavery has just begun!  Contact us directly at 303-433-2712 to learn how you can become an Activist.

“When people tell me that women choose this life, I can’t help but laugh. Do they know how many women like me have tried to escape, but have been beaten black and blue when they are caught? To the men who buy us, we are like meat. To everybody else in society, we simply do not exist.”



Sex Trafficking Survivor, The New Abolitionists

Be One of the First – Join Us in the Fight!

Everyone deserves a second chance.  Here’s your chance to give it!

Become an Activist to End Modern Day Slavery

You too can be a leader at the forefront of ending modern day slavery by contributing $500 or more before November 9, 2017.  You will be given recognition on the Activists page of our website with a custom photo, your reason for taking a stance, and brief bio.  Our activists are dedicated to ending the victimization of trafficked people, here in our Denver Metro community, as well as, everywhere.

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