We are so proud of our resident Taylor* for the all the work she puts into each day of treatment to transform her life. Allison, our Program Director, asked Taylor if she would share some of her thoughts about her time at Street’s Hope so far. Below you can read what Taylor generously shared with us all…

In the beginning I was a mess. I knew I was taking the first major step towards becoming a better person, but I was nervous. I was scared because a part of me was so unsure if this was the right thing to do. I have struggles with second guessing my greatness. I know this is the right place for me to be, even if there are some days that I am angry and want to run. I can say this, I am so grateful to be here.

No one said this was going to be easy and it hasn’t been, but I am thankful for each and every person here taking the time to encourage me and help me to do better. I feel myself growing everyday. I notice the changes and am feeling stronger than the day before. I came here to grow, but I have received so much more. I have friends and get feedback from people who care. I have been given a second chance.

This is my wake up call. I went from doing drugs and prostituting to waking up everyday safe and thanking God. He leads me to a healthier life. I am able to go to bed happy, even if I have had a bad day. I am looking forward to the upcoming days in my program and know that each day is filled with more blessings from God.

*Resident’s name has been changed to protect her confidentiality