For women escaping trafficking, success comes in many different forms…

Things that many of us take for granted are life changing accomplishments for the trafficked women who are a part of Street’s Hope.  As we enter this season of thanks, we want to share some of the victories and achievements the women created in their lives with the help of Street’s Hope.

Jane* – Jane has not had a home of her own for 13 years.  She was living on the streets or in deplorable conditions that her pimp forced her into.  This year, Jane graduated from the Street’s Hope program and just moved into her own place.  She is elated that she has safe and stable housing.  And the cherry on top is she called to let us know she is up for a promotion at her job!

Juanita* – Before being trafficked, Juanita loved daily exercise and had dreams of becoming a chef.  Her world went dark and the her dreams of being a chef seemed to end once her trafficker came into her life.  Juanita figured this was it – being sold for sex 10 – 15 times a day would be her new reality.  After taking part in the Street’s Hope program for a year, Juanita has been able to rekindle her dreams.  She recently obtained a job in the food industry and spends her free time in a dance exercise class.

Leigh* – From a young age, Leigh knew she wanted to go to college and become a writer.  After being trafficked at the age of 15, her formal education came to an end and the dreams of college and becoming a writer slowly faded away.  When the FBI called Street’s Hope to see if we had a bed for Leigh, the timing was right and she entered our program.  A year of healing and hard work led Leigh to completing her GED.  She now attends university and is completing this college semester with 2 As and 2 Bs!

A job, a place to live; it’s the simple things in life… What we all want.

This work is possible because of donors like you!  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of women who come to Street’s Hope after escaping sex trafficking.

*Names changed to protect identity.

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