I’m not sure that anyone can really step into the shoes of Nina Martinez, or as I have been referring to her, Miss Tiny but Mighty. She has built Street’s Hope as we know it today, and I say that with conviction after having worked alongside her for the last month as we have engaged in this transition. She has generously and honestly shared her knowledge, insight, love and wisdom for this organization, and I could not be more grateful. I am confident that some of Nina’s next steps will be taken with us and that she will continue to express her love through service to the women who need the restoration offered by Street’s Hope. We are all excited to watch and learn as Nina moves to her next opportunities, and there will be no bigger supporters than her family here.

The first time I came to the house, I was captivated by Nina’s resourcefulness and thrift, and in awe of the depth of the program in light of the limited financial resources available. The next time I came to the house, it was to serve and share a dinner with the ladies, and my heart was deeply touched by their courage, faith and resilience. Since then, I have attended more dinners, celebrations, and graduations and my heart has only opened more. Every day that I have been present has only affirmed that deep, true love is working here.

I have been charged to guide Street’s Hope to its next phase. I am thankful that the Board of
Directors has been willing to offer their faith in me and their support. I am appreciative of our wise staff, whose hearts are so full of love for the women we serve. I know that I will need all their acumen as we go forward, and I am (pre-emptively!) grateful for their patience and knowledge. I am also thankful for our loyal partners and supporters, and I will do my absolute best to show you that your continuing belief in Street’s Hope will be well-placed and worthwhile, and that there are many good days ahead for this organization.

I look forward to the next months and the opportunities for service and growth that are waiting. My goals will always be to help Street’s Hope take the next step toward offering healing and restoration to more women, and toward building the world we all believe to be possible.


Caroline McKinnon, Interim Executive Director

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