Streets hope has been my constant stability this year. It has been a place where I have been able to rebuild myself with strong supports and God has been my biggest support. I know that with Christ all things are possible. I am excited to graduate soon and to be able to start school and be self-sufficient. I feel confident that this is possible with what I have learned in the Street’s Hope program and with the strength I now have.
In my time at Street’s Hope I have grown close to God. I was baptized and I am now able to love myself. I trust in God fully so I have no more worries. I have given myself fully to God and am following his lead and, in doing this, I am able to make good choices and am rewarded with positivity. My faith in God has pushed me to achieve my goals and look forward to my future.

I am now sober; I can feel and no longer want to be numb. I am not afraid to connect to others and I feel confident about myself. I used to be ashamed of myself and was unable to have healthy relationships. I was ashamed of my addiction and the way it made me behave. Now, my mind feels clear and I can connect with people in a meaningful way. I feel powerful, strong, and in control of my own life.

I have had so many successes in building relationships with the help of Street’s Hope. I am able to have lasting healthy friendships and I can see life clearly and live with myself, not with guilt, but with love. I give healthy advice to peers and can still be truthful and honest. In my time at Street’s Hope I found I am able to be such a huge support and can be a help to others around me. I am a good listener and have found my love for taking care of others.

Upon leaving Street’s Hope I will continue my success and will be persuing my education and career goals. I will continue to pursue sober and healthy relationships and will use the tools Street’s Hope has given me to move forward in my life. At Street’s Hope, if you work hard at the program, the program will work hard for you. As I move on, I will remember my experiences here and, with the help of God, continue to change my life for the better.