Working at Street’s Hope these past 18 months has been a journey. I find my seemingly small role with the women something I am proud I can claim as mine. I came into the position at Street’s Hope with the experience of working with trafficked women in Uganda and was excited to find my heart’s passion here in my home state. One thing I have always admired was the connection women can have with one another and the joy and love they can pour into each other’s lives. God truly created women to relate in a unique and beautiful way, no matter what barriers our world’s society may say keeps up apart.

It feels like a unique privilege to know these women so deeply and see them become vulnerable and eager to have love and truth spoken into their lives during their time at Street’s Hope. This work may not be glamorous and there have been nights of tears and frustration, but those are the nights I see how deeply I care for the success of these women. Some of the hardest days come with the heartache of when a woman chooses to leave the program. Each time I take a moment to mourn the good-bye of a woman I had held so much hope for, I look around and see a house full of women sad to see one of their sisters choose a different path but steadfast to hold onto the hope they carry for their own success and the determination to make a better life for themselves and the people they love.

The connections made with each individual woman is priceless, our home is a family. Sharing a meal, laughter, prayer, or discussing God’s amazing love for each of us, I have learned so much from these women’s hearts and desires. There is nothing that separates me from these women; I could have been one of these women. I simply grew up in a different way with a different family and different opportunities. I deserve no trophy or praise for working this job. I simply choose to do life together with these women, through the good and bad, we accept and love one another.

Thank you to all of you who have broken those barriers and reached out and touched these women’s lives. My job would not be the same without all the constant support from staff, interns, and volunteers.

Denver Street's HopeBrenda Kirchner