New Year. New Me.
That’s what we say each year. Right?
We think of all the goals we are going to set and accomplish.
We think of all the ways that we can make ourselves better than the year before.

New Year. New Me.

We say this because the coming of a new year represents a fresh start. It’s an opportunity for change and a time that we can have a clean slate.

For the women who enter into the comfort and protection of our safe-house, the new year means a new life. She gets a chance to start her story over.

In her own “Once Upon A Time…”, she has the freedom to control her destiny. She can decide the next piece of her story- and even find the courage inside herself to become the hero.

This is why Street’s Hope exists. To give adult women escaping sex trafficking and the commercial sex industry a chance to live the life they deserved. To give each of them new beginnings.

New Year. New LIFE.

Imagine the the HOPE that fills each woman as she crosses over the threshold of her new home.
Victim, now Survivor.
Lost, now Found.

Imagine what you can do with your New Year- to give New LIFE!

Street’s Hope offers holistic and restorative services to women 18+ who are escaping sex trafficking and the commercial sex industry. Our residential safe-house is home to 10 women at a time- and there is a continued wait list due to the lack of programs in Colorado providing these services.

When each woman enters our home, she is given a “Welcome Home” basket. This is filled with personal necessities as well as comfort items like a blanket or stuffed animal. She is then welcomed with love, support and understanding from each of the staff, interns and other residents.

While her journey in the residential program is just one year long, it is filled with many trials and joys through intensive trauma therapy, group counseling and case management. She learns new ways to better herself and is provided with meaningful opportunities such as avenues for education and gainful employment. She works to restore relationships, create healthy boundaries and be the best daughter, mother, sister or friend that she can be.

New Year. New Life.

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