For you I am to describe my home. At my home there is a true sense of comfort as the place where I reside is called Street’s Hope and it is a transitional home for women. It is a safe-house for women to come when they want to pick themselves back up. A place for women to come when they have been broken by the life they had previously chosen, but are now on a path to newness.

As I walk up the porch steps I see the furniture we utilize when we smoke and the tables used for our morning coffee. I think to myself, “I made it”. I am home. That in itself is a comfort to me. As I enter the door there is a foyer, with a beautiful wall board. Where various community members have written words of encouragement and it covers the whole wall. Whenever you are struggling or having a bad day you can pull a card off this board and be uplifted. When you enter this area there are smells from the lower level kitchen.

As I go up the stairs there is a new set of aromas as this is the area I share with seven other women, and as the cultures vary from woman to woman. It is usually good smelling stuff.

There are beautiful pictures on the wall, my favorite is one of the “Tree of Life” it is large with this big tree, kind of separate yet as one with the picture, and the branches reach out to us and the world. This is truly a house where God is present, and his spirit is easily called upon here. The kitchen has a large table where we come together as family and there is a true sense of comradery. The living room has a hodge-podge of furniture, and we are grateful for it all, as we make this place our home. I sense love in this house. These rooms are not separated, like a big comfort zone. Where we learn a new way of living in, and coping with the world we are now embracing.

I then proceed to my room, where purple is the dominant hue, in various shades. I have things that depict my accomplishments to date, things I am proud of. I have my desk which is at times cluttered, but organized to me. My bed is on risers, which I refer to as my perch. I am very happy in this room and enjoy my weekly shows as well as reading and movies.

My closet is somewhat full and everything has its place. I share this space with another but there is a sense of what is mine in the room. I am very comfortable in this space and I have made it my own as best I could. This is a safe and loving place and I love it here.

*Client name has been changed to protect their confidentiality