We are proud to announce that two recent scholarly articles were published based on our Street’s Hope client files. Street’s Hope has had a long time relationship with cultural anthropologist, Dr. Susan Dewey, who has blessed us to volunteer as our Admission Coordinator over the past year. Recently, Dewey along with colleagues Jennifer Hankel, Misty Heil, and our Executive Director, Nina Martinez, published an article in the Journal of Social Service Research. This article, titled, “Characteristics of Women Seeking Services at a Transitional Housing Facility for Women Leaving Street-Based Sex Work: Implications for Social Service Providers” was published on November 23, 2015. You can view the abstract here.

Hankel, Dewey, and Martinez also collaborated on another article, titled, “Women Exiting Street-Based Sex Work: Correlations between Ethno-Racial Identity, Number of Children, and Violent Experiences.” This article was recently published in the Journal of Evidence-Informed Social Work and the abstract can be found here.