Coming to Street’s Hope has by far been the best decision I have ever made. Coming to Street’s Hope has allowed me to really learn who I am and staff walked along side of me for every single rewarding, and sometimes difficult step I took. During my time here, I have been shown unconditional love, support, encouragement, and understanding. I have been challenged to rise above what I thought I deserved or was capable of. Street’s Hope has helped me discover my hope, strength, resilience, passion, determination, and compassion.

I have been blessed with so many great opportunities and I am so thankful for Street’s Hope. I am now currently in my second semester of college at Front Range Community College for my A.A. Sociology. My dream and passion is to become an advocate for commercially sexually exploited girls and women. I want to take a very dark time in my life and turn it into a positive by sharing my story in an effort to educate the public and hopefully, be able to help, support and encourage other girls and women to find the warrior within themselves and to take their lives back.

I can confidently say that without a doubt, if it wasn’t for Street’s Hope, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Street’s Hope and every single woman who works here is a blessing and I am eternally grateful that I was given this amazing second chance at life.

– Jasmine (:

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