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February Partner Training

We are encouraging all (new and current) volunteers to attend these training sessions to become an active Street’s Hope volunteer also known as a Hope Warrior.

The next Partner Training session is scheduled for February 10th, 2018.
Session 1: Human Trafficking and Street’s Hope 9:30am-11am
Session 2: Impacts of Human Trafficking (Trauma and Abuse) 11am-12:30pm
LUNCH: 12:30pm-1pm
Session 3: Managing Impacts of Trafficking (Boundaries) 1pm-2:30pm
Session 4: Working with Street’s Hope (Volunteer Information Center) 2:30-3pm

Please attend the all-day training session February 10th 9:30-3pm at the Woodbury Branch Library at 3265 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80211 to become a Hope Warrior and active volunteer. If you are interested in attending email Kaylee Kowalski, Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteerinfo@streetshope.org and she will send you the invitation.

For more information check out the volunteer page.