Caroline McKinnon

Caroline McKinnon is an attorney whose work as a courtroom advocate, non-profit consultant, and alternative dispute resolution professional has led her to realize the importance of communication in all types of organizational environments. Her passion lies in helping organizations to realize positive change and work more collaboratively toward their goals. Caroline works with leadership and management teams to create strategic plans and change initiatives that result in high performance and collaborative cultures. Her educational background includes a JD from the University of Denver, College of Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Denver. Currently, Caroline is completing a Graduate Certificate in Organizational Development at the University of Denver, University College of Professional and Continuing Studies.

Caroline’s powerful work has helped organizations to re-calibrate their mission and objectives while aligning leadership, management, and staff with organizational values and strategic goals. The result is a renewed clarity on measurable goals and a focus on productivity, collaboration, and attainment of results. This reinvigorates organizations with hope for the future, transforming the work environment.