For over 10 years Street’s Hope has provided services to adult women who have experienced sexual exploitation through human trafficking, the commercial sex industry, and street involved sex trading - a continuum of experiences that can define and wreak havoc in the lives of vulnerable women.



Street’s Hope is investing in the women in our community in a new way.  With your support, we are listening even more deeply to the individual needs of the women we serve as well as the needs of the larger community.  We are aligning even more with practices that encourage a woman to thrive in her community, expanding the non-residential program and conducting more intensive and meaningful outreach on Colfax Avenue.  We are strengthening ties with community partners who serve women in crisis and have plans to bring our unique and specific programming to other locations in need and crisis.

We are excited about this direction and hope you are, too.


We want our website to reflect our new direction and new offerings. So...



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