Welcome to Street’s Hope. As advocates, we believe that every woman should feel dignified and live the life they were intended to live. That’s why we are working to heal women escaping the commercial sex industry and sex trafficking, empowering them to transform their lives. We began this work in 2004 and have continued to grow and develop as an organization over the years, implementing evidence-based holistic services. Now, as the only residential program serving adult women in Colorado, we aspire to nurture women trapped in the commercial sex industry and help them transform and thrive.

Sex trafficking and exploitation through the commercial sex industry is not a new phenomenon. Activists have worked throughout history to eradicate sexual slavery and exploitation, and no one organization or individual stands alone in this movement. The problem is complex and constantly changing, and everyone must play a role in creating a solution as organic and adaptive as the issue itself. (lcht)

We have a heart for women caught in the sex industry and we hope that you will join us in our efforts to redeem them.