Street’s Hope

Services designed for women who have been sexually exploited


human trafficking | the commercial sex industry | sex trading for survival

The Challenge

Criminalized and underserved, sexually exploited women who have been trafficked into the sex industry or trade sex on the street are often the subject of community scorn and stigma. While the general public views children as the primary victims of sex trafficking, national and international research does not support this presumption. In actuality, adults comprise 75% of sex trafficking victims. The average age of entry into the sex industry is 19. (Polaris Project, 2017)

The Need

Sexually exploited women have complex needs that intersect and often make recovery a challenge. Mental health issues, addiction, trauma, abuse, legal issues, financial hardship, homelessness, and poverty make living every day a challenge. These issues demand an experienced, innovative approach to providing services.

Our Solution

We provide a continuum of survivor-informed, evidence-based services designed to impact adult women who have experienced sexual exploitation. We meet each woman on her unique journey, encouraging safety and prevention of further trauma, through an individualized approach to healthy living.

Street’s Hope envisions a world where women can choose the trajectory of their own lives.